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      Nice To Meet You


      What began as an Instagram blog of my home and decor has now turned into my small business Homestead City Dwelling.  I knew I always wanted a business of my own, but not until I started sharing my love and creativity through decor styling did I unlock my true passion.  So, here we are!  

      I created this store to share products I would showcase in my home to allow you to CREATE + DESIGN + INSPIRE spaces that bring you joy and comfort.  You will not only find curated products in our store, but you will also find handcrafted one of a kind unique pieces made by my husband and me.  Our handmade items are created with lots of love, detail, quality, & care that everyone can enjoy.

      When my husband and I are not creating and crafting homemade decor, we are chasing and running after our two high energy toddlers.  You have made our day by stopping by our store.  We hope you enjoy our products just as much as we enjoy offering them to you.  As you make your way through our store, we hope you feel inspired to find those special details to turn your house into a home.